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    5 Steps to Finding the Best CPAP Machine for Sleep Apnea

    5 Steps to Finding the Best CPAP Machine for Sleep Apnea

    Choosing the Right CPAP Machine for You

    Sleep Apnea can make it harder to experience continuous quality sleep. Without a good night of sleep, you can experience difficulty functioning, concentrating, and breathing. A full night of quality sleep translates into productivity throughout your day.

    For those diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, the first step in getting the most out of your CPAP therapy and achieving a full night's rest is selecting the best CPAP machine for you.

    Finding the appropriate CPAP machine and supplies can be overwhelming, but you can follow this 5-step guide to make the most informed decision for your treatment.

    Step #1 - Use Your Doctor’s Prescription

    You don't buy a CPAP machine from your local store. First, you have to go to the doctor and undergo a sleep study to make sure you need the machine.

    The sleep study will give your doctor the chance to examine your test results. If you have sleep apnea, the doctor is likely to recommend a prescription for a specific type of CPAP machine and mask.

    If you or your doctor suspect you may have sleep apnea due to any of the common symptoms, MDS Medical Supplies offers comfortable & convenient sleep studies at home so that you can find the right fit for your treatment without going to a sleep lab.

    Step #2 - Compare Prices: Online vs. Insurance

    Once you have received your results, you decide the best payment route, which is generally between using your insurance or buying online.

    Insurance can be a convenient way to save a little money if you’ve met your annual deductible. But if you get a CPAP machine through your insurance, you do not get to choose your CPAP machine manufacturer or additional features, and there could be some unforeseen hurdles to get over.

    One of the quickest and most efficient ways to get a CPAP machine is to order online. But remember, just as certain car companies rank higher in satisfaction, quality, and price, the same is true for CPAP manufacturers.

    It is easy to be lured in by low prices from retailers, but it is more difficult to know whether you're getting a fair deal for a good machine. 

    If you choose to buy your machine online, make sure that the retailer has an experienced team that can help you through your selection process.


    Step #3 - Select Your CPAP Manufacturer

    Getting a high-quality machine is probably one of the most important decisions to make. You’ll want to make sure the machine you buy works efficiently and consistently every night.

    Although there are many manufacturers of CPAP machines nowadays, it is crucial that you choose a CPAP machine from one of the two leading CPAP equipment manufacturers, which are:

    • ResMed: ResMed is considered a leader in innovation and consistently produces high-quality products that consumers love. ResMed products are among the best in the industry, and many people swear by ResMed's quality. With the price, you get what you pay for. ResMed machines are among the higher end machines, but most customers find their products last longer are worth the money.

    • Philips Respironics: Formerly known as simply "Respironics," this company launched the first CPAP machine and continues to build high-quality machines with all the bells and whistles. You’ll find their prices are fair and reasonable similar to Resmed.

    Both companies have been manufacturing CPAP equipment for the past few decades, and are available at the lowest prices possible at MDS Medical Supplies.

    Step #4 - Choose the Right Mask

    Finding the perfect mask is the most important consideration when using a CPAP machine. If your mask is the wrong size, leaks too much, or leaves marks on your face, then you may not get the most benefit out of your CPAP treatment.

    Some of the most common types of masks are:

    • Nasal Pillows - Nasal pillow masks sit under the nose and use two soft pillows that sit inside the nostrils to direct air. These masks are used by people who often wear glasses with their masks or are simply looking for the most minimal option.
    • Nasal Masks - Nasal masks cover the nose and are for active sleepers. Users who want a minimal mask without having something in their nose or happen to experience claustrophobia should consider a nasal mask, as they provide the least amount of contact with the face and don’t block any breathways.
    • Full-Face Masks - These traditional masks cover the entire mouth and nose. They are generally for mouth breathers and those with nasal congestion problems.

    Whether you are shopping for your first CPAP mask or want to try something else, MDS Medical Supplies offers models that have received the highest user ratings in each category.

    Step #5 - Consider Up-to-Date Features

    Depending on your needs, you will want to make sure your machine has certain functionalities. Remember to consult with a CPAP representative of MDS Medical Supplies to see what is available so that you meet your doctor’s prescription requests and get the best machine for your dollar.

    When it comes to choosing a CPAP machine, consider these additional features:

    • Data Recording. Some machines only record details, like how long the machine is used at night. Others like the ResMed Airsense 10 record more in-depth information, like apnea events, pressure changes, and information on snoring.
    • Portability. If you travel, a small, compact machine like the HDM Z2 Travel APAP may be your best option, or you may want to buy a separate machine for travel purposes. It is also important to check whether your machine has the option of using a portable battery.
    • Humidifier. Continuous air flowing into the airways can lead to dry airways. For this reason, most CPAP machines offer an additional humidifier. Having a humidifier that can separate from the machine can also be beneficial for traveling if you don't want to carry the entire set with you.
    • Leak Compensation. If your mask is leaking for any reason, machines with this feature can compensate by increasing airflow to ensure that you still get the prescribed pressure.

    You may also need to consider the following accessories for your CPAP machine:

    • Mask cushions
    • CPAP machine air filters
    • Tubing and tubing connectors
    • Headgear, including straps
    • Comfort accessories such as the Nasal Gel Pad

    These features could make a huge difference in how much benefit you see from the overall CPAP treatment therapy.

    Getting the Best CPAP Machines from MDS Medical Supplies

    A knowledgeable representative from MDS Medical Supplies can help you find the perfect machine for your price range, equip you with the best-fitting masks, and give you information on how to use and maintain your CPAP machine. 

    With our various CPAP machines, masks, and other supplies, we can discuss the best treatment strategy that suits your budget, lifestyle, and your unique sleep apnea needs!

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 281-955-3371 or click below to shop.